SHU Rentals

How to Rent the Edgerton Center for the Performing Arts

  1. Fill out an Event/Facility Registration Form.
  2. You will then be directed to fill out a Reservation Form.
  3. After the Executive Director reviews the ECPA Reservation Form, you will be sent a Cost Estimate for your event.
  4. Once you have reviewed the estimated costs associated with your event, you will be required to submit your account number for payment. This will be the account for billing all expenses incurred during the event. Under no circumstances will an event be held without submission of your billing account number.
  5. You will then receive a confirmation number from the ECPA Executive Director.
  6. Upon completion of the event, SHU Business Office will make a journal entry debiting your account for all expenses.


Does it cost money to rent the theatre?

Yes. If you are a Sacred Heart University class, club, organization of other approved internal user, the only cost will be for technical crew, front of house personnel and potentially any rental equipment needed to supplement the house inventory. No rental fees for the theatre will apply. Costs range from a basic lecture (approx. $125) to a fully staffed concert (approx. $800). Each event will receive a cost estimate for your review prior to confirming your date. The Executive Director has final determination on all event staffing.

When is my reservation confirmed?

After you complete the necessary paperwork and receive a written confirmation from the Executive Director. Until a written confirmation is received, the date is not secured. Emails and phone calls are not considered reservation confirmations. All internal users must have a confirmation number on the ECPA Campus Reservation Form after fully completed by both the user and the ECPA. Until that time, the theatre is not available to your group.

When do I pay?

Internal SHU users will be have their accounts debited via Journal Entry by the Business Office for all costs incurred within two weeks after the event.

Can I use the Box Office Services and On-Line Ticketing?

Absolutely. In fact, we encourage all internal ticketed events held in the Edgerton to use the ECPA Box Office and on-line ticketing services. This is for the convenience of the customer and to ensure all ECPA ticketing is handled in a professional and courteous manner. This service is included as an ECPA courtesy to the SHU community. Nominal pass-through fees do apply to cover the costs of credit card bank fees All bank card charges for credit card sales will be itemized on the box office statement and deducted from box office revenue due User. Current fees are 2.7% of all credit card sales.

Can I sell things in the lobby?

Yes, merchandise only. The ECPA reserves the right to sell all concession items at all events.