Community Rentals

If you are interested in renting the Edgerton Center for the Performing Arts and are not a member of the Sacred Heart community, you’ve come to the right place! The process for renting is easy. To begin, please review the Rental Agreement. Then follow the steps for How to Rent the ECPA (below). Also listed on this page are some of the most commonly requested information regarding community rental of the Edgerton Center.

How to Rent the Edgerton Center for the Performing Arts

  1. All requests must be made via email.
    Send an email request to:
    Erin Marcel
    Coordinator of Performing Arts Operations
  2. The request should include the following information:
    a) Name of event
    b) Date and hours requested
    c) Brief description of the event
    d) Name of your organization
    e) Your contact information
  3. You will be contacted with date availability and to discuss details of your event.
  4. A rental agreement and estimation of costs will be issued.
  5. Upon the ECPA receiving a signed agreement and required deposit, the reservation will become confirmed with a fully executed rental agreement.


Does it cost money to rent the theatre?

Yes. In addition to technical crew and front of house personnel, a rental fee is assessed. A complete Costs Estimate will be drafted for your review during the reservation process.

When is my reservation confirmed?

After you complete the necessary paperwork, pay the required deposit and receive a signed contract from the Executive Director. Until such time, the date is not fully secured.

When do I pay?

Community Rentals must prepay all rental fees and estimated personnel charges prior to rental date(s) as outlined in the Rental Agreement. A 50% deposit is required upon contract signing and the remaining amount of the contract is due approx 2 weeks prior to the event. A final financial settlement will be done after the close of the event. Any refunds due will be paid and any overages will be billed and due within 30 days.

Can I use the Box Office Services and On-Line Ticketing?

Absolutely. In fact, we require all outside ticketed events for the public held in the Edgerton to use the ECPA Box Office and on-line ticketing services. This service is included in the price of rental. Nominal fees do apply to cover the price of credit card charges and convenience fees. Please see Rental Agreement for complete description of box office fees.

Can I sell things in the lobby?

Yes. Although the selling of all merchandise (flowers, videos, t-shirts, etc) are subject to a house commission of 20% of gross sales. The ECPA reserves the right to sell all concession items at all events.

Are the dressing rooms and backstage large enough for my event?

Please take a close look at the stage specs for all technical and backstage information. Backstage space is limited at the ECPA. In some cases, we are able to find additional rooms (such as classrooms) if internal needs (such as classes) allow. There may be a nominal charge for use of the extra campus rooms. Please inquire with the Executive Director about nay additional needs that you may have. The ECPA will do its best to accommodate all requests.

Community Renter/Usage Information

*Please Read Carefully

When you receive your contract & estimate of costs – again, remember they are just that – estimated costs. You will be charged and billed for actual out of pocket expenses incurred for your event. Your final invoice may be higher or lower than the estimated costs depending on what has changed.

If changes are made in advance of the event, there may be additional costs associated with these items. If known prior to the event, renter will be notified of these additional costs. However, if items need to be adjusted on the event/show day, due to renter changing items at the last minute, ECPA will accommodate these requests to the best of its ability. ECPA will also attempt to notify renter of the additional costs.

Please note that at the end of your event, the theatre and all rooms, including dressing rooms, lobby, etc. must be cleared & cleaned out of any of the renter’s articles.
If the lobby is being used in any capacity for receptions, vendor sales, etc. please be aware that the renter/user is responsible for clean up including empty cardboard boxes, left over programs, merchandise, etc.

If there is a reception, renter/user is also responsible for clean up and clearing of all food items and drinks, spills, etc. Bring your own trash bags, cleaning supplies, tablecloths, etc.
All of the renter/user’s items must be loaded out of building following the event. We need to clean the space for the next event the next day. Including – but not limited to: Left over food, drinks, flowers, props, furniture, etc. Due to the sensitivity of the Fire Alarm system, NO BALLONS ARE ALLOWED INTO THE THEATRE. Balloons in the lobby are acceptable.

If renter/user has outside deliveries of “rental items” such as tables, tablecloths, chairs, plants, etc., arrangements must be made with the Director of the ECPA as to the time of delivery and time of pick up. Renter/user must confirm where items are being stored prior to event.

If there is no caterer involved, renter/user assumes responsibility for all items related to reception including, but not limited to: extra trash bags, serving utensils, plates, napkins, cups, etc.
Renter must present a certificate of insurance complying with the following requirements at time of final payment:
a) Bodily injury liability with a minimum coverage of two million dollars ($2,000,000) for injury or death per occurrence.
b) Property damage liability in the amount of one million dollars ($1,000,000) for each occurrence.

Renter will not do, or permit to be done, anything in or upon any portion SHU/ECPA’s premises which will in any way conflict with the conditions of, or result in a denial of coverage under, any such insurance policy, or which will in any way increase any rate of insurance of SHU/ECPA.